encoreminingfx.ltd - new technology shares hedging of futures contracts and start-up investments on the basis of intelligent monitoring of global indices, as well as «predatory trading technologies.


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  • What isencoreminingfx.ltd?

    Companyencoreminingfx.ltd - a worldwide leader in innovative solutions in the field of monitoring the global indices. This is a group of companies with 12-year-old practice of trading on the world's leading trading platforms and business reputation, was recognized among the best-known stock market operators. Our company was able to develop and implement a method in the investment process to respond quickly to changes in quotes, followed by stock price hedging by futures contracts.
    For more details about us, please visit the "About Us" section on our website https://encoreminingfx.ltd.

  • How your company generates profits for its investors?

    Our company holds shares in stock trading, using the latest scientific advances in this field.
    In addition, in order to diversify the allocation of working capital,encoreminingfx.ltd investing in promising startups.
    In addition to the above, a group of companyencoreminingfx.ltd provides consulting services for the identification and creation of new start-ups looking to contract corporate requests of other investment firms and companies whose activities are not a competition for us.

  • How big is the probability of loss of investment funds provided by investors for your company?

    Full and unconditional elimination of the risks of the investment process, the loss of investment funds provided by our company in the investor control is achieved by accurate, correct and efficient use of hardware and software online trading and expertise of our traders, when even in the case of the probable loss of the price of one securities markets almost instantaneously, by the standards of performance of computer systems, compensation of such losses occurs by the profit received by us on another securities market.
    You can learn more about our trading technology by visiting the section "About Us" on our website.

  • How long the company is planning to work online?

    Our way of providing our products and technology investment to individual investors from around the world is just beginning. We do not claim to have found the best solution. And perhaps, in the process of interaction with investors, we will improve and modernize something. But overall strategic focus on long-term, stable and safe operation of the placement of our investors’ investment funds in the world stock markets of trading assets, will remain in our company in the very long term.