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About Us

Dominance on the stock trading market is a problem, which can handle only by a well-organized and well-motivated company. Since the organization and operation of commercial entities are effected by means of shares, the major indexes and commercially attractive lots of shares are highly liquid commodity. And we need a lot of effort and work to be the first to buy one or the other lot. In order to avoid, and in absolute terms to exclude the risks of subsidence, management ofencoreminingfx.ltd uses aggressive trading strategy in its trading activities.

The essence of the aggressive trading (Predatory trading) is neglecting of optimal risk values. Wanting to get the maximum profit for the minimum period of time is a deliberate overstatement of the value of risk per trade. However, if you use this method of trading in the form in which it is used by the majority of stock traders, there are serious risks of loss of funds in case of a negative outcome of the trade rates.

But our company, in close cooperation with leading financial analysts of EPAM Systems, Inc. and with the active support of the world's leading manufacturer of high-power superconducting lines Nexans S.A., has developed a series of innovative solutions in the field of monitoring the global indices and was able to introduce into the daily practice a method of quickly respond to changes in quotes, followed by stock price hedging by futures contracts. When using communication lines, working on superconductors, we achieve the most important result: in the case of the probable loss of the price of one of the securities markets, the compensation of such losses occurs almost instantaneously (in a fraction of a second) by the profit received by us on another securities market.

It's not just our "know how". This is the result of hard work of the whole team ofencoreminingfx.ltd, which began its difficult path in the world of trading on the stock market in 2004.

It took us 10 years to build a team of traders, has a strong intellectual potential and strengthen our position in UK securities markets and the European Union. All this time, we have formulated and put into practice the most daring and effective ideas to help you win in tough competition and make profits for the company.

From 2014 and throughout 2015, we have installed and tested a revolutionary new hardware and technical equipment, providing super-fast exchange of information with the information and news terminals, the world's leading stock exchanges. In parallel, we have implemented and debugged the correct operation of the new software, in the development of which were used the algorithms of artificial intelligence mathematical model. All of these steps and innovation led us to a logical and, without a doubt, the right decision - to provide the results of our successful innovative trading for a wide range of investors from around the world in order to generate even more revenue and profit for our investors on the basis of the investment online service platformencoreminingfx.ltd.

However, stock market trading stocks is not the only way of our investment efforts. In order to diversify the distribution of working capital, in addition to trading stocks we have investing in promising start-ups, the yield of which sometimes can exceed the profits from the core of our business. In order to correctly choose a startup investment, capable in the long term and bringing stable high income, the company created an independent monitoring unit, whose task is to research market start-ups in the UK and the European Union. Determination of the prospects and future volatility of a startup in the early stages of its formation - the most important and responsible work entrusted to the staff of the monitoring department. In addition to these tasks, the company provides consulting services for the identification and creation of new start-ups looking to contract corporate requests of other investment firms and companies whose activities are not a competition for us.

Full and unconditional elimination of the risks of the investment process allows us to actively and reasonably offer our services to customers from around the world, taking investments from corporate clients and individuals. To clarify the point of how to ensure risk-free trading of our shares, we consider the example of "How does it work in practice."

For example, our company has bought 50,000 shares of Nexans S.A. (NEX), priced at $ 44.67 For example, our research department sends a signal to trading robots that the prices of these securities may start to fall. In this case, we sell a futures contract for a few seconds. Let's say that we have conducted all of these activities in August 6, 2016 at 04.15. The graph shows that, indeed, at 05.50 the share's price temporarily fell to $ 43.96. We sell the shares at a falling price. We sell because we can do it at any given time without any effort, because the market dictates and cheap stocks will be more popular than expensive ones. At the same time, when we sell the shares, we buy futures. And now the most important:

Due to the fact that according to the laws of exchange market the futures are sold at a price close to the price of the underlying asset, the profit from the sale, and then ransom futures at a lower price compensates for losses from the devaluation of the shares sold, which we had at the start of the transaction.

As can be seen from the example - it is feasibly to create a situation that allows you to make a guaranteed profit. It's a real money that our investors will earn, because they participate in the onlineencoreminingfx.ltd by making deposits, thus they are involved in the investment process, initiated by the team of our company traders.

We will be glad to see you among our customers and are ready to offer the best solutions for the placement of investment funds in trust on such investments market. Our technology, experience and traditions, rooted in the cultural heritage of Great Britain, guarantee to provide all our customers with the best opportunity for confident, secure and stable earnings, providing excellent team work of our trade and monitoring experts.